8 Recommendations For Skincare In These Days

The extra time we have every day from the quarantine gives us the perfect opportunity to improve and organize our facial treatment routine.

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Yes, we are at home all day, but that should not excuse not continuing with our facial routine. The skin does not forget; that is, what we do today with our skin’s care will have consequences in the future. That is why I share the 8 rules that I use to take care of my skin:

Do you know what your skin likes?

Identify what you like and what you don’t like, remember the principle of individuality that characterizes us, we are unique. Probably the routine that favors you does not necessarily favor another person. It’s all about testing and adapting to what your skin needs.

Take care of the skin of the face, neck, and chest as if they were a unit.

Most of the skin products that we use on the face should also be used on the neck and chest, especially sunscreen, antioxidant serums, and masks.

Incorporate antioxidant serums into your facial routine.

They are a vital supplement for protection against UV rays, infrared rays, and pollution.

Serums for the face are not unctuous or moisturizing as your moisturizer during the day and your nourishing cream at night should be; on the contrary, they are light and absorb quickly, they are rich in substances that will benefit your skin for a long time (mainly rich in vitamin C and E). They can penetrate your skin quickly and leave a high concentration of active ingredients in it.

It is important to exfoliate the skin.

Consult with your doctor what type of exfoliation for the face is beneficial for your skin since there is chemical exfoliation (formulas) that dissolve dead cells of the superficial layer and dirt, and mechanical manual exfoliation with micro granules, which removes the dead cells. You might also consider other treatment from a licensed doctor, which can give you information on botox.

The exfoliation during quarantine should be once a week, and I recommend that it be manual. People have a greater or lesser tolerance depending on the method or formula we use; the key is to find that point where the exfoliation process does NOT cause inflammation. That way, you will get rid of dead cells and stimulate cell growth so you can show off that fresh and healthy glow.

Avoid using antibacterial soaps.

We obsess over feeling clean; we abuse antiseptics, alcohol gel, and antibacterial soaps; these have a great impact on our “microbiome” and weaken our first line of defense. Also, alcohol dries out our skin.

Eliminate skin tonics or astringents that contain alcohol.

Use broad-spectrum sunscreen for the face every day.

No matter the form, it can be a cream, lotion, spray, or powder. With which you feel most comfortable. Ideally, you should go for a chemical that filters ultraviolet light.

Don’t self-medicate.

Most medications cause side effects on the skin, take medications only prescribed by the specialist and responsibly, always read the side effects to know if you will find yourself at a disadvantage, and even more so, take action by making changes in your routine and your lifestyle lifetime.

Avoid contacting your skin with the cell phone.

These not only have opportunistic bacteria, but they cause the appearance of acne and just looking at the phone form those horizontal wrinkles on the neck. We recommend using the hands-free option or putting on your headphones.